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My entire life has been engaged in art. Actually I was born with the instinct for harmony, beauty and creativity. Imagine a 5 year old girl stealing her mum’s makeup creating fancy looks in the bathroom. Getting more confident I had plenty of special effect practice on siblings like cuts, bruises, burns using tissues, chapsticks and mum’s lipsticks, leaving her wondering why her makeup was running out so quick. At the age of 9 I bought my very first makeup items, I’ll never forget that moment. . My very own eye liners! At art history lessons I was fascinated by Egyptian culture and admired their passion for make-up – that’s where the love and everyday black wing comes from! Eventually graduating with a Diploma in Art & Design I was on my way to success! There is no limit to my imagination and the quality of new products of make-up industry helps me to fulfil my ideas according to my aptitude. All MUA’S say: “We want every woman not only to feel beautiful but to discover herself” – that’s my aim! And still there is a great challenge for me as an artist to create a piece of art, each time a different image to convey the mood, time fashion – 60’s or 80’s, tenderness of the moment like bridal. Having passion for abstract I enjoy creating something extraordinary but standard glamour or even no makeup look attract me just the same. I have worked with various brilliant photographers and designers for advertising and marketing communications material including catalogues, websites, prospectuses.

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